Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More corporate media driven chicanery

First the media cried he couldn't beat Hillary in the primaries and look how that turned out.

Then they wailed he couldn't keep female voters from bolting to Bush McCain, turns out they were mistaken about that too.

Now they're saying that whites won't really vote for him in November. Speaking as a white guy who is whiter than white, in fact I'm almost albino, my only regret is that I can only vote for him once.

The point, my people, is that the media has to have something to report, they need a controversy to keep them going. And just like in those first two cases, they're wrong about this one as well. Not only are whites going to vote for him, we're going to vote for him in overwhelming numbers, just like black people are, just like Hispanic people are, just like gay and lesbian people are.

I found out early voting here in my county in TN starts Oct. 15th and I'll be there with bells on ready to vote for Obama/Biden.

But enough from me, let's give the last word to our next President of the United States. Say, Sen. Obama, how much of the bilge that the corporate media spews do you think we should believe?
Dang, that much huh. Well, if you say so sir.


Snad said...

This middle aged frumpy white chick is not afraid to vote for Obama. But then again, I seem to always fall on the outside of the demographics for just about everything. I like it that way for the most part, but I would prefer to be in the strong majority on this one.

Dean Wormer said...

Oh yeah, well senile old men are deserting McCain so it's even.

dguzman said...

I'm wondering if I can manage to vote twice. I'll keep you posted.