Wednesday, August 2, 2017

When is it okay for a white person to go on a racist tirade ?

"When the white person in question has had a real bad day and they just need to let off some steam."

"If a person of color gives the white person a hard time or some really bad customer service."

"If the white person is mentally ill and forgot to take their meds, then it's okay." 

"If the white person is old and doesn't know any better or is emotionally unstable then it's fine."

"If the white person is drunk or a drug addict, it's all right because they can't control themselves."

"Never.  It's never okay, no matter what excuse the racist gives for doing it. To make excuses or allowances for white people to go on a racist tirade, like this one, is allowing white supremacy to get the upper hand once again.  You're making excuses for racist monsters to spew hate and you're helping to oppress people of color.  Let me repeat myself, IT IS NEVER OKAY TO LET ANY WHITE PERSON GO ON A RACIST TIRADE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME NO MATTER THE EXCUSE THEY GIVE FOR DOING IT. And finally, if a white person does go on a racist tirade, then they need to pay the price for it, and if part of that price is public shame and them getting fired from what ever job they were holding at the time, then so be it.  Free speech has it's consequences."

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