Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ben Carson proves every day that having a college education doesn't make a person smart

"Ben Carson said the other day that being poor is largely a state of mind."

"I'll be sure to tell my seven children that crap when their bellies are empty and we have no money for food because all the jobs around here have been outsourced to China because they have a workforce that is forced to work for pennies on the hour.  And the fat cats and banksters who invest in the companies that outsource make shitloads of money while we starve.  My kids are going to love being told that our poverty and their empty bellies are largely a state of mind."

"Hang on, isn't Ben Carson the one who got his college education and placement in medical school thanks to Affirmative Action?  The very same program he now wants the government to eliminate?  And the answer to my rhetorical question is yes, he is the same man."

"You know what?  Fuck that guy.  He's got his and now he wants to deny us the same things that he got.  His family got help from the government.  They got help with food, shelter, and education, and now he wants to deny the same kind of help to us?  Fuck that guy with a rusty butcher's knife." 

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