Saturday, February 11, 2017

TN legislator Matthew Hill is a fascist piece of shit

Meet Matthew Hill.  He's a member of the TN legislature and he never met a gun he didn't want to suck off or strap to his micro penis before he fucked someone over, usually the poor.  He wants guns in bars, in state parks, and very probably in the vaginas of uppity women.  He's a frightened manchild who's political career consists of screwing over working class people, shitting on the poor, and making the lives of women miserable.

But all that stuff pales in comparison to what he wants to do now.

Hill now wants to criminalize dissent, take away the free speech from those he disagrees with, and he wants to deny people in TN equal protection under the law.  How does he want to do all of that unconstitutional stuff?  He wants to revoke a demonstrator's right to take action in civil court against someone who hits them with their vehicle if said demonstrator is blocking a street or road.  That's right he wants to take away the right of people in TN to seek redress in civil courts if they get hit while protesting or demonstrating.  This fascist piece of shit hates it when people use free speech he doesn't agree with and he wants people who do use free speech he disagrees with to be hurt, maimed or killed by someone in a car or truck.  He claims to be pro life but the life he's pro on isn't someone who gets hit by a car while demonstrating.

Of course Hill is like all the conservative turds in the cesspool that is the TN legislature, he takes his cues and gets his ideas for legislation from others.  This idea of taking away people's right to demonstrate in the road ways, which was used so effectively by Martin Luther King Jr by the way, came from states where it's being used effectively now, like Minnesota and Missouri.  Hill took time out from rewatching a Jeff Foxworthy video or gay porn or whatever it he watches, and he thought to himself, "That there am are be a good idear, maybe them protesters is gonna be too scared ta protest iffen a few of them git run over.  I'mma make that a law because I hate all them people saying they want rights and that black lives matter.  Whew, all that thinking stuff is hard, I'mma go back to watching tranny porn until ALEC or the NRA calls and tells me what they's wantin' me to do next."

On it's face the law that Hill wants to pass is unconstitutional because it would deprive people of their constitutional right to free speech and it deprives people from equal protection under the law.  And if it somehow passes the corporate drone who is our governor signs it into law, I'll be the first to take him to court to sue to get it overturned.

Hill may have a lifetime gerrymandered seat in the TN legislature but he doesn't scare me.  I've got free speech and hundreds of years of case law behind me.  He's got a boner for criminalizing dissent and speech he disagrees with.  Fuck him, fuck his entitlement, his white male Christian supremacist world view, and his fascism.  And finally, I'm not saying Matthew Hill murders homeless people while dressed as Adolf Hitler, sells their organs on the black market, and makes dildoes out of their bleached bones, but I am saying that he has never denied doing that or offered any proof that he hasn't done it, because after all, when you try to take away people's hard won constitutional rights and protections, then you're capable of just about anything.

Also, when I was 8 yrs old I watched my sister Linda who was 9 get hit and killed by a car.  I can still see her getting hit in my mind every day and I still miss her every day.  So for this piece of shit HIll to try to take away anyone's right to sue in civil courts after being hit by a car, fuck him.  I hope he has the misfortune to see someone close to him get hit and killed by a car.  But knowing what a sack of semen and rotting fecal matter Hill is, he'd probably rush to comfort the driver.

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S Jenkins said...

Thank you for your words! Every one of us needs to take a stand against jerkwads like Hill.