Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's time for a Black History Month history lesson from Sec. Betsy DeVoss

 Hello, Sec. of Education Betsy DeVoss here and I'm not as dumb as the media wants you to believe.  I know a lot about black history, even though I'm white and I rarely come into contact with black people who make less than several million dollars a year, after taxes of course.  Here's something I know, historically black colleges and universities were all about school choice.  Black people chose to go to historically black colleges and universities because the predominantly white ones weren't meeting their needs because they wouldn't let them into their classrooms to learn alongside white people. So as you can see, black folks have been on the side of school choice for decades and they didn't even know it!  

Other things you might not know about black history include:

These demonstrators were all about choice, they wanted a choice in how they bathed.  They chose a government sponsored shower instead of using their filthy disease ridden bathtubs at home, which is sad because the government doesn't need to be telling people how to bathe and all the water they wasted getting those black people clean, it could have gone to private businesses. 

These drinking fountains offered a choice in refreshment. 

Lynchings by white people were all about choice, the choice of how to pass away quickly before becoming a burden on the state and local communities. 

And lunch counter protests of the civil rights movement were about making the choice to piss off the silent majority.  They could have made the choice to sit where they could have gotten a nice home cooked soul food meal but they didn't and ultimately they dragged the government in to protecting them which is sad because the government needs to stop meddling in people's lives.  

So, as you can see, everything is about whatever political point my ultra rich entitled white family wants to make.  Also, poor people need to stop expecting the government to do everything for them because the job of government is to do whatever those paid for it want.  It can't do everything but it can help out those who bought it. And if you don't like it, then get off your ass and start a multi level marketing company that makes millions for a tiny few like my family did, then use that money to buy influence like my family did, and then who knows, if you donate enough, you might get to be appointed to a cabinet secretary even though you have no experience, just like me.

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