Monday, December 5, 2016

She's got the biggest balls of them all

A woman from a local publication approached me Saturday at an art show and told me she wanted to do a story about me and my art in the local publication she works for.  She said that if I was interested that I should send her an 800 to 1200 word article about myself and submit 10 photos of my work.  I told her I’d think about it.  

After I thought it over for a bit I sent her this email: 

“I thought about it and I thank you for thinking of me. If I get paid to write the article then I’ll be happy to do it, otherwise, no thanks. I’m sure you understand that some of us don’t want to produce work for any corporation for free.”
I’m eagerly awaiting her reply.  But seriously, if I’m going to do your job for you, I sure as hell want to be paid.

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solo roving said...

good for you - i've had similar approaches from trade magazines for the company I work for, - some of them even want us to pay for being in their magazine