Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fuck you Mill Creek Brewing and fuck you very much Chris Going

While in middle TN recently I bought a six pack of Mill Creek Brewing company's beer.  It tasted adequate, it was barely a step above Budweiser, which I guess is good enough for some brewing companies, and in the spirit of helping out a small business I made the mistake of sending them an email to ask when their beer might be available here in east TN where I live.  After waiting a week and not getting a response back, I pulled up their little Facebook page and told them how much I appreciated them not getting back with me.  Then the parade of excuses started.  They said they didn't get back to me because they only had four people working there or some shit like that.  Then they got around to emailing me after I publicly shamed them into it and I told them not to bother with it, since they were obviously understaffed and they can't be bothered to spend time replying to peons like me who don't buy their beer that often.

After I sent that email shit got real and they showed their true colors.  One of their four employees, a jackass named Chris Going, who never had the time to email me until I shamed him into it, sent me this picture in an email:

Poor little Chris Going can't be bothered to respond to emails but when his royal thin skinned highness does, he tells me to fuck off.  I hurt his wittle feewings.  So now, I hope to hurt this asshole's business. I'm guessing Going is some kind of entitled white guy who can't take any criticism and if you don't let him get his way he'll stamp his feet and cry.  He expected me to just forget that he and his company were too fucking lazy or disinterested in me and my pitiful little questions.  He wanted me to forgive him because he's got a company to run.  Well, fuck that shit.  Fuck him, fuck his beer, fuck his lazy disinterested shitty customer service, fuck all of that shit with a chainsaw.

I hope he's got the balls to contact me now or to try to leave a comment on this blog because I'll fucking make anything he writes to me public.  I'll post whatever he writes to me verbatim.  But somehow I doubt he'll do anything, because that's how guys like him operate, they talk tough but they shrink from a fight.

If you ever have the misfortune to see any of his crappy beers in stores or in a bar, don't buy it because if the people who make it are crap, then whatever they make is crap too.

Fuck you Mill Creek Brewing.

And you can fuck right off Chris Going.

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