Thursday, September 22, 2016

Surely he's joking (He's not, and stop calling me Shirley)

That goofy looking southern Republican is Robert Pittenger.  He's a Congressman from North Carolina and he looked at all the civil unrest in Charlotte that's going down in the wake of yet another unarmed innocent black male getting gunned down by a trigger happy cop and he's asking, "Where's the spirit of Martin Luther King?"

He's too fucking stupid to realize the spirit of MLK is alive and well when black folks rise up and fight systemic racism, police brutality, and injustice. He thinks King was some kind of meek kumbaya milktoast who just wanted all of us to get along.  He's forgotten that King led thousands of marchers out in the streets to demand an end to police brutality.  It's slipped his tiny mind that King was the leader of a mass movement that worked for jobs, justice, and voting rights for the millions of oppressed black folks in the south and everywhere else in the USA.  He's fallen for the bullshit lies of the Quislings like Jesse Lee Peterson who claim that King was a Republican who hated labor unions, for the record one more time King was a liberal who worked to unionize black folks because he knew that collectively black workers have more power than they do individually.  This white gerrymandered corporate stooge thinks we all forgot how King was anti war, anti capitalist, and ready to take to the streets whenever he needed to in order to make his point or to mobilize people on behalf of his causes.

King is out there every time black folks and their allies say that black lives matter.  King is there protesting today's wage slavery and economic injustice.  King is right there shoulder to shoulder with all people who want to see true equality, an end to racism, the end of police brutality, and who demonstrate against their oppression.

The spirit of MLK is alive and well and it is still looking for freedom, equality, and justice.  And his spirit is in Charlotte in the streets.

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