Thursday, February 11, 2016


I hate to break your feelin' the Bern hearts, but this is what is going to happen: Hillary will co-opt Sanders message and pretend that it was hers all along. She will drift left in the primaries and when she wins the nomination she will move back to the right with a vengeance, claiming that it's all about electability. If she wins in November, she will move further to the right to prove that she's as tough as any man. And all of you will be heartbroken and you'll still continue to vote Democrat even though they screw you every time.

So look at this picture of the super cute Michelle Dockery and resign yourself to real life.

There, isn't that better?  

Yes, yes it is.

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gmb said...

Hillary is tone deaf. She praised Kissinger for fuck's sake. Ok, I want to believe that Bernie has a shot. I'll say this: if the DNC and Hill manage to get the nomination by being nasty and dirty tricks, bye-bye democratic party. Look at Bernie's base--the under 40-crowd. More of them will come, Hill's group is dying out. Maybe an election that kills the GOP and democractic party is a good thing. Might as well get it over with.