Sunday, November 29, 2015

Don't have to live like a refugee

Here's my latest letter to the editor of my local right wing teabagger newspaper the Johnson City Press:

The biggest threat the refugees pose to our country and our way of life isn't the threat of sectarian violence, we already have enough of that thanks to the NRA and our lax gun laws.  No, the biggest threat that we face from those refugees comes from their ideas.  For example, in a book written by some Middle Eastern refugees that says we should allow our weapons to be melted down and turned into farm implements, I saw where one kind of famous refugee said that we should forgive and love our 'enemies.'  He went on to say that we should sell our possessions and use that money to house, clothe, and feed the poor.  And the final outrage, he said that rich people were going to have a hard time getting into heaven.  Can you imagine anything more anti American than that?  I shudder to think what some other refugee might want us to do.  We've got to stay strong and stay true to what made our country great.  

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