Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today in racism

  • A white teacher in a school in Alabama of all places went to a party dressed in black face, he was supposed to be Kanye West.  When he got caught and the news went viral on the internet, and once again thank you internet for exposing another racist, his wife yanked the photo of him down off the web and he issued an apology saying that he's sorry if he offended people and that he's 'never seen color in his life.'  But here's the thing, if he never saw color his whole life, then how did he know to put on black face and why is he apologizing?  He's either lying about seeing color or he's... fuck it, that's it, he's lying.  
  • To the police, black women must be the most powerful women, most frightening people on the planet.  Texas cops killed Sandra Bland, another cop had to body slam a teenage girl at a pool party to the ground to get her to obey him, and a 'roid rage cop in SC tossed a girl around a classroom like she was a rag doll.    I'm sure Angela Davis and Afeni Shakur are somehow to blame.

Then there's this racism classic from a book called Protestant Panorama.  What the condescending caption doesn't tell you is that Protestants used their Bible to deny black people their civil and legal rights for well over a century.  And since their Bible didn't condemn slavery, and it in fact condones it, they used it as justification for keeping black folks in chains for hundreds of years.

I'm sure there's more racism out there this week, after all it's only Tuesday.  

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