Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mid century white women speak on what happened in that classroom in South Carolina

"That poor cop. he's going to have flashbacks and PTSD about brutalizing that black girl.  Why did she have to provoke him?"

"I'm sure that girl had it coming.  If TV has taught us anything, it's that sassy black females need to be put in their place or else they'll be taking over record companies and cracking wise all the time."

"My children would never ever be so rude.  They'd respond immediately to any white authority figure who wanted information from them.  I instilled good manners in my kids, I'm not like those black parents who are out working two or three jobs all the time.  I'm home with my kids, that's what makes the difference."

"I don't care what the kid did or didn't say.  No human being should be treated the way she was treated."

"She's a typical liberal Democrat.  She gets abused and now she's playing the victim card.  What about all those kids in the classroom who wanted to learn but instead got treated to a inter gender wrestling match?  Those kids are the real victims not her."

"I'm astounded they let black kids and white kids go to the same schools in South Carolina.  Did Strom Thurmond's life's work mean nothing?  Is Nixon's 'southern strategy' dead in South Carolina?  I swear, Lee Atwater must be rolling over in his grave."

"Her mother just died.  How would you react if your mother just died and they still forced you to go to school?  And seriously, if this happened to my kid, I'd be outraged, but you know what?  It's never going to happen to my kid because my kid is white.  So yes, once again this is about race.  If you don't think it's all about race, then you have no fucking clue.  This white cop, who was probably hopped up on steroids, who has a history of being a thug towards people of color, brutalized this girl because she's black and because she's much weaker than he is.  He thought he could get away with it, and if there had not been a kid with a cell phone there to film it, he would have.  I don't give a shit if she jumped on his back and called his momma a rusty trombone sucking Cleveland steamer eating disciple of Dirty Sanchez, she did not deserve what he did to her.  He needs to be charged with assault.  Period."

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