Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to tell if you're a horrible person (refugee edition)

If you're bitching about immigrants from Syria and all the other war torn and politically and religiously oppressed countries having smart phones, then you're a horrible person.

These people who have left their lives, homes, and in many cases, their families, are from the upper classes of where ever they lived before.  They had money, professional careers, prestige, and a bit of power before the wars or US invasions, so of course they can afford to have cell and smart phones.  And if they left family member behind, they need to stay in touch with them. The people who can't afford to own smart and cell phones are the ones stuck living in the hell our foreign policy helped create.

If you think that the refugees who paid a shitload of money to get smuggled out of their home countries are dirt poor and coming to the west in order to freeload off the 'generous' benefits offered by European countries, then you're a fucking horrible person.  These people owned businesses, employed others, worked professional careers in their old lives, and they just want to be able to do that in a non war torn or politically oppressive country.

If you oppose taking these refugees in because they are Muslim, don't speak your language, or because you think they're going to 'ruin' your country, then you're a super fantastically shitty horrible excuse for a human being and you should go fuck yourself.

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Margaret Benbow said...

Also, some of the European Union countries who are wetting themselves with fear that they'll be "overrun" by immigrants, have
low or falling birth rates and could use a boost in population--complete with the skills and good work ethic that the immigrants also bring. Their bigotry is more important to them than their own well-being.