Friday, June 5, 2015

What is life like in Ireland after the vote for marriage equality?

"It's pure drudgery.  I still have to work, still have to get hammered every night to forget my troubles and loneliness, and everything is still in black and white."

"We're water skiing on dry land, that should give you some clue."

"Not many people outside Ireland know this but on the day we legalized same sex marriage we also passed a law that says we have to poop in tandem while wearing some sort of butt covering.  It's hellish."

"It's feckin' brilliant.  I'm going to get married five times today and get three abortions!"

"I got gay married and left the priesthood.  Life has never been better!"

"Can we vote to unify our country and get the land the British stole from us back now that we've helped mollify the gays?"

"If the gays can get married, I can spray my seed where ever I want."

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