Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sometimes, you just can't win

Hi there, do you have a second to answer a question about poor people?

We're kind of busy but okay.

 Do you know any poor people?
 Oh heavens no. We only know and hang out with hard working people who save and contribute to society.

But poor people work hard and contribute a lot to society and they pay a bigger percentage of their income in taxes than most wealthy people do.  

Well, if they're working and they pay a bigger percentage of the income in taxes, then they're not so poor after all, are they.  They just need to make better decisions on how they live and not spend all their money so quickly.  They need to save it instead of spending it.  But you know what?  If they can save money, then they're making too much and they should have a pay cut, the greedy bastards.  Now leave us alone so we can go sailing on our yacht.

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