Thursday, April 16, 2015

What I'm watching these days

This super cute, super clever sitcom from Tina Fey is just the sort of thing that NBC should kick themselves for passing up.  It's funny, well written, and mostly well acted.  I highly recommend this 'fish out of water' sitcom.

A sexy smart doesn't play by the rules teacher with person life issues and a heart of gold tries to navigate life while raising her three kids and juggling the men in her life along with her career is a very good show.  This Danish import doesn't shy away from social issues or sex.  I quite like it and having a shit ton of cute Danish women on it doesn't hurt.

This sitcom about an Aussie expat comedian who lives with a couple of losers has always been one of my favorites.  It's smart, well written, well acted, and it's not afraid to make it's male leads look bad.  It only lasted two seasons because on American TV the cardinal sin is being too original.
It took forever for season 4 of Louie to hit Netflix.  I liked most of it, especially arc about his foreign girlfriend.  The only thing I didn't like about it was the romance with Pamela Adlon.  She's about as desirable as a cigarette butt.
I've never been a Will Forte fan but on this show he's tolerable.  The real comic stars of this show are Kristen Schaal and January Jones.
Finally this one comes to an end.  I liked the premise all along, but it wore thin pretty soon.  This last season tried so very hard to stay interesting and allow Elijah Wood's character a bit of happiness but in the end it went on too long and it was a bit tedious.  I'm glad I watched it all but I'm even more glad it's all over.

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