Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The poster boy for modern conservativism

George Zimmerman, the murderer of young unarmed Trayvon Martin, says that it was his god's will that he killed Martin and was acquitted for it.  He went on to say that since it is his god's will, it's blasphemous for anyone to wish Trayvon Martin was still alive.

Also, he claims he was victimized by President Obama.

So, let's review here, Zimmerman is a gun nut who got away with murder, says it was okay to break his religion's commandment that says, 'Thou shall not kill' because the whole thing was his god's will, then he claims to be a victim because another black man, and millions of white folks too, called him out for being a murderer.  Yep, guns, god's will, and pretending to be a victim, he's got all the hallmarks of being a modern conservative icon.  But in fact, he's a murdering sociopath who got away with it.


Margaret Benbow said...

Yep. You about covered it. I think Zimmerman should be tapped as Ted Cruz's security guard, if not his vice-presidential runningmate, in 2016.

gmb said...

I'm surprised he's still alive and not in jail. I mean, yeah, he keeps getting a pass, but it's just a matter of time before he hurts himself or crosses a line. Won't be any tears over here when it finally happens.