Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And now, here's a message from the parents of one of the expelled University of Oklahoma frat boys

Hey y'all.  What's up?  Hey, listen, our son ain't racist.  He just don't like them black peoples that's all.  He don't like them, don't want to be around them, don't want to smell them, don't want them takin' his jobs, an he definitely don't want them fucking white women. That ain't racist, that's just white pride.

Now us, we're racist.  We didn't want him going to that fancy university in the first place.  We was afraid he'd be mixin' with and havin' to smell Negroes, Mexicans, A-rabs, gays, libbys, and evolution believin' feminits and maybe some Democrats too.  But he was dead set on getting him some education and he had his heart set on going to the place where Brian Bosworth went to school.  But now that he's home, we're gonna fix him up with a cousin of ours and maybe he'll take over our trailer park manager job one day.

We's proud of him for that fine song he got caught singing and we's happy he's home.  Now, y'all excuse us, we got to go to bingo at the Methodist church and then later we're gonna burn a cross.  White power!

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