Friday, February 13, 2015

Condescension at it's finest

I found this book kid's book at a thrift store a while back.  It's about mid century Christian missionaries who take their kids to New Guinea.  It was in a school library and it had been checked out once in it's 30 some year life there, perhaps because no one cared about the life of these Christian busy bodies, or because it spooked the kids who picked it up and saw that the author dedicated to all boys and girls who love Jesus Christ.

Just look how grateful that brown skinned pagan kid is to be used as a prop. I bet they were so grateful they accepted Jesus just to get shed of the annoying do gooders.

The Christians brought their car to New Guinea so they could show how civilized they were.  Praise Gawd!

The guy on the right is thinking, "She's a bit young to make a wife, maybe we ought to cook her up instead."

Seriously, on behalf of all white westerners, I apologize for the shit missionaries said and did.  It was and is still all lies, please indigenous people everywhere, go back to being the awesome people you were before Christians came and fucked with your country.

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