Monday, January 26, 2015

Sarah Palin responds to all the critics of her rambling incoherent speech from this past weekend

Oh, hey, don't ya know it?  The lie-brul hate America first latte sipping drunk driving three martini nattering nabobs crowd is after me again.  But hey, at least Trip didn't eat that dog or maker a belt out of him.  So take that PETA.  Yeah and you Mr. New York Times what with your fancy grammar and big words that people in fly over states like me, like us real Americans, because you know, the real America is where ever they worship Jesus and eat meat that they grew in a butcher shop where government didn't get in your way, where the grass smells sweet and there ain't hippies and their Jewish blood libel, and while I'm at it, gosh darn it, I'm not ashamed to say I support Israel and I will right up until the day Jesus comes back to smite them for not accepting Jesus in their hearts and minds.  Also, yeah, I love guns too.  And that Michael Moore, he better not come sniffing around Bristol or any of my other kids because Jesus reminds us that in all things we better be moderate until we see the white of their eyes and then he who is without a sin gets to fire the first shot and by golly, that had better be me.  So there!

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