Friday, December 12, 2014

How do you feel about the torture report?

"I'm not sure we got the real truth out of the CIA. let's torture them until they come clean."

"It was torturous reading.  Get it?"

"It was horse shit.  And so is this stuff I'm standing in."

"If torturing those godless Muslims saved one white woman from getting raped and having to give her hymen to Allah, then it was worth it."


"I'm ashamed it was done.  I'm ashamed Bush claims he didn't know about it, I'm ashamed Dick Cheney was allowed to get away with it.  I wish there was a hell so that all those involved in doing it could go there and suffer for all eternity."

"We're pretty steamed about it."

"Those ungrateful A-rabs.  We bring them democracy and Christian capitalism and they act all pissed off because we had to torture a few naughty men?  Honestly, who do they think they are?"

1 comment:

dguzman said...

"give her hymen to Allah"???

OMG. Still laughing.