Sunday, December 28, 2014

Assholes, every one

Every one of those cops who turned their back on Mayor Bill de Blasio at the funeral of the two murdered NYC cops is a disrespectful asshole.  They all turned the service to honor two slain officers in to bad political theatre.  They chose to make it all about them and not about the dead officers, who by the way, would not be dead if the NYPD had paid attention to the information about the shooter sent to them by the Baltimore police department.

Cops serve and protect the ruling class and their union seems to be the only one that will be tolerated in our hypercapitalist system.  Fuck the police and fuck their union.

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gmb said...

The only good thing that is coming from their shitty behavior is that it is giving them bad PR. Hell, even the NY fucking Post complained about their work slowdown, which, ironically, is the only gift they've given every brown and black resident of this city. I hope they keep this shit up.