Wednesday, November 5, 2014

History has proven me correct once again

In the last midterms the Democrats got their clocks cleaned, lost a bunch of seats, and I said they'd move to the right, which would be the wrong thing to do since voters want them to be Democrats not 'Republican lite.'  And after the drubbing they took last night, history proved me right.  In race after race they ran to the right, they ran away from Obama, from Obamacare, from core issues and traditional positions that made Democrats win in previous elections.

And they're getting ready to do it again because Democrats are like dinosaurs, they have small brains and they refuse to learn.  They're going to move further to the right and they're going to point at the far left of their party and blame them for losses they suffered last night.  They'll do this even though voters in Republican led states like Nebraska and Arkansas voted overwhelmingly for minimum wage hikes, voters in Alaska voted for marijuana legalization, and voters in San Francisco voted for a $15 an hour living wage hike.  Traditional Democratic party issues are winners, yet current Democrats run from them like they're poison.

No one shoots themselves in the foot better and with more elan than Democrats.

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gmb said...

I don't think it's because their stupid. I think the democrats do this becuase they and their children will be fine. I wonder how many have relatives in the lobbying biz. Long and short, they can shake their fists at the camera from time to time, but in the end they get to go on junkets, be called Mr./Ms. Congressperson, get first rate health care, etc. Scumbags. Quisling scumbags.