Sunday, November 2, 2014

All my science fiction fandom finally paid off

I got a spam email that said, "I sent you a proposal 2 days from now.  I need a reply."

My reply was: "If you sent it two days from now, I haven't gotten yet.  However, the moment I invent a time machine I will go two days into the future to see what your proposal says, if I like the looks of it I will go back in time to answer you.  But what I'm afraid of is that when I go forward in time I will do something that will irreparably damage the time space continuum and there is a very real possibility that when I go backwards in time to address your proposal that I may disrupt the future that I have already been to, which means that I may not have opened your proposal yet and that perhaps I will alter our current timelines so much so that maybe your parents didn't meet and did not have a child that turned out to be you.  So, keeping all that in mind, I think I'll just skip it and go about my life with out ever knowing what your proposal was, is, or will be."