Friday, October 3, 2014

Book reports

This fine book by Samira Kawash tells the story of the past hundred years or so of candy in the USA.  It's full of facts that will leave you astounded, amused, and amazed.  It's concise, well written, and utterly engaging. Many times books like these written by academics are dull and dry as dust, thank goodness this one isn't at all like that.  I highly recommend this book, read it and be amazed at how candy has evolved in our society over the years.

I'm head over heels in love with this cool as shit graphic novel.  I read this author's blog and he posts panels he's finished or still working on and I'm always blown away by how much I like his work.  This graphic novel is about a private detective who is mixed up with a bookstore owner and is investigating the whereabouts of a missing painting.  It's all very cool and existential and some parts of it may or may not be real, they just might be figments of some of the characters imaginations.  I totally love the spartan art and the very limited use of color.  This one isn't for everyone, some people won't 'get it' but I did and boy did I love it.

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