Friday, September 12, 2014

Likely ladies

 Girl most likely to be a MILF when she hits 45 years of age.

Girl most likely to teach Sunday school while going 'commando.'

 Girl most likely to break your windshield with a baseball bat if she finds out you cheated on her.

 Girl most likely to meet your gaze during an awkward moment at a swingers party.

 Girl most likely to be cheerful during a natural disaster.

 Girl most likely to own a kiln and two dozen cats.

Girl most likely to have a diabolical plan for world domination.

Girl most likely to give you a hand job while you both sit and enjoy the riparian view on a warm spring day but who will later regret said hand job when she marries a man who will become a Baptist minister.

1 comment:

Brewella Deville said...

Who are, "The dates from Harold and Maude that ended up on the cutting room floor, " Alex?