Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's time to check in with some of the folks who are perpetually outraged

"Damn you boy, I sense you're not outraged enough over this Ray Rice thing.  I demand that you call for his lifetime ban from ever working anywhere again and that you call for him to be horsewhipped every time he shows his face in public for the rest of his life!"
 "Come bird friend, let me feed you more so that you can go shit upon all those illegal Mexicans who are streaming in to the USA to steal those fruit picking jobs from good God fearing Americans."
"Stop whining and go get your mother's urine sample you welfare brat.  I don't care if you people are the least likely to be able to afford drugs or not, I just want to make you squirm before you get your pittance."

 "Let's go beat the shit out of the people who don't want to let us parade around with our guns.  We got to do it now before they wise up and buy guns to protect themselves from us."

"You better not become dependent on my generosity you old piece of shit.  Had you taken better care of your resources when you were younger you wouldn't be in this position today grandpa."

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Lisa Golden said...

Power to the rich people!

You crack me up, sir.