Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rob Con 2014

 I went to a local comic book/sci fi fan convention called Rob Con.  Here's some of the costumed folks who were there as well.

Elektra was one of the first ones I spotted.  I chased her down to make sure I got her photo.
 A stunning Mystique.  No, seriously. this photo does not do her justice.  She took my breath away and when she walked by, everyone got quiet and stared, some people applauded.

 One of my favorite dudes at the show.

 Spidey had camel toe.

 These three were cute, they were shocked that I wanted to take their picture.
 I love the obscure ones like these two.

 I'm a sucker for those neon wigs.

 I loved this older gal's interpretation of Wonder Woman. 
 My heart went 'Boom!' when I saw this female Thor. 

 Pretty good Mario, not a super one.
 Lil' Dr. Who.
I loved her costume and her attitude.


Nan said...

I beg to differ with one of your cutlines. Ralph Hinkley is not obscure.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

He's not obscure to people over 50. To most kids today, he's as obscure as Captain Nice.