Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's time for 'Breakfast with the Whites'!

Today the Whites talk about blacks and Ferguson MO.

"I just can't see why those negroes are protesting so much over there in Ferguson.  Sure, a kid got gunned down by the cops, but that's to be expected in black neighborhoods.  It's kind of like their version of 'survival of the fittest,' those people who are fast and wily enough to escape the cop led slaughter, they get to pass their genes on.  That's just science right there."

 "Those people need to register to vote instead of looting and smoking pot.  They need a chance to vote for the white conservative Republican of their choice in the next election.  I'm sure which ever one they elect, he'll do what he thinks Jesus would do to them."

 "We had a negro in our house once.  As you can see, I'm still spraying away his germs."

"I've got to finish my breakfast and grow up to be big and strong and maybe bag a dusky skinned negress with large breasts and a big ol' booty.  I'm only nine, but I'm already infected with jungle fever, if you know what I mean.  I'll tell people I'm mating the black women because I feel sorry about how my ancestors treated them during the time slavery was legal."  

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Evan Chames said...

these posts are hilarious. cheers from over here