Friday, July 18, 2014

The worst person in the world is...

...ultra phony asshole 'comedian' Bill Maher.

As if being a gigantic hypocrite wasn't bad enough, he would have been outraged beyond belief at the shit Obama has done (allowing the NSA to spy on all Americans, his lack of transparency, and escalating the quagmire in Afghanistan) if it had been done by Bush, now he's advocating violence against women and the continued oppression of Palestinians.

In his continued unstinting support of Israel Maher said that Hamas is like a crazy woman who needs to be slapped around a bit.  First off, no woman 'deserves' to be slapped around, crazy or not.  Secondly, calling women 'crazy' was a way to minimize them and their opinions, especially if they disagreed with men and or the prevailing 'wisdom' of the day.  Third, yet again he supports collective punishment for an entire group of people because of the actions of a few, which is exactly what the Nazis said about Jews and that's why they perpetrated the holocaust against them.

Maher has and always will support Israel no matter what.  For Maher and many others, supporting Israel means only Israelis get human rights and only Israelis get to strike back at those who do them harm and if you complain about that, then you're persecuting Jews, don't think Israel has a right to exist, and you want all Jews everywhere dead.  Ugh.  Maher is a stoned unfunny jackass who is in love with genocidal murders and who loves to proclaim his atheism but is 100% on board with the religious claims Israel uses to justify their apartheid in Gaza.

Bill Maher is the worst person in the world.

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