Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Talkin' 'bout the Hobby Lobby decision

"SCOTUS pulled this decision out of their asses.  First of all, there is no way a corporation is a person, secondly, corporations don't have religious rights, and third, this shit is just crazy, like my unibrow."

"I can't wait to hear Christians howl when a Muslim owned company makes all their employees follow what's taught in the Koran.  Oh how they'll bitch."

"And no, men are not out there getting free Viagra while women's contraceptives are being denied.  No one is getting free Viagra, there is always a co-pay."

"I have no idea what Hobby Lobby's maternity leave policy is but I do know they invest in companies that make the kinds of birth control they claim to hate and they get a shitload of the products they sell made in China where abortions are routine and birth control is almost mandatory."

"I'm not fucking anyone who buys anything at Hobby Lobby.  Handjobs are out as well."


Mnmom said...

Smart women, those

gmb said...

Excellent. I don't even know where a nearby Hobby Lobby might be located, but I'm hoping that there is a strong boycott going on. fuck 'em in the wallet, then watch their "principles" change.