Friday, June 6, 2014

History lesson

D-Day celebrations are nice and all but the fact is the invasion of Normandy didn't break Hitler's back in World War 2.  It wasn't the decisive blow that western historians make it out to be.  The fact is that the Red Army of the Soviet Union had wore down the Nazis through their relentless march westward from the eastern front and that by the time the western allies landed on Normandy the Nazis were in such a weakened state that it wasn't that hard for the USA to march eastward and deal the knock out punch.

The reason you never hear much about the Soviet contribution in bringing down Hitler and the Nazis is because for many years the Soviets were our 'enemy' and the powers that be, the corporate owned elites in charge in Washington DC, wanted to minimize any and all contributions the Communists played in winning the war.  They didn't want people in the west looking up to or knowing much about the bravery of the Soviet people.  Almost overnight the Soviets went from being our allies, our brothers in blood, to being our enemies, which meant that everything they did was bad or at least not nearly as good as what we in the west did.

In European classrooms the truthful version of history is taught and they rightfully remind students that the USA jumped into the war at a relatively late date and that the Soviets, along with the British, nearly won the war in Europe without us.

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