Thursday, May 8, 2014

TV Reports

Dexter-I watched the entire series.  Some of it was okay.  Most of it wasn't.  I never got behind the idea of a cold blooded murderer being the hero of the show.  I found Michael Hall's 'Dexter' to be unlikable at best and repellent most of the time.  As the show went on I grew tired of their attempts to make me like him and all the attempts to justify his murders.  The lesser of two evils is still evil.  Also, I hated most all the other characters, especially the character of his sister Debra.  At no point did I ever remotely like her and I actively rooted for her to get bumped off, too bad it took 95 episodes for it to happen.  The only things I liked about this show were some of the females.  I loved Nikki Walters, Aimee Garcia, Julie Benz, Julia Stiles, Molly Parker (although she was wasted in such a small role), Katia Winter, Jaime Murray, Liza Lapria, and the absolutely delicious Yvonne Strahovski. Other things that annoyed me about this show were the plot lines they never developed and the characters they introduced but quickly shuffled off.  I tried to like this one, honestly, I did.  But in the end, it just didn't do it for me.  (Netflix)

The Brief-I quite liked the Alan Davies show about British lawyers.  Davies character was smart and mostly honest but he was also just flawed enough to keep me interested.  This show is well acted, well written, and well shot.  (Acorn TV)

The Last Detective-Peter Davison plays a sad sack British policeman who's one step above a uniformed beat cop and who is hated and or marginalized by his superiors.  But somehow he manages to solve murders and save the day.  This not your usual police procedural, it's quirky even by British standards, but it's definitely worth watching. (Acorn TV)

Short Poppies-Seven eccentric New Zealanders are featured in a mock documentary and they're all played by Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords fame.  It's a sweetly funny effort by all involved.  And Darby makes an unsettlingly attractive woman.  (Netflix)

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