Monday, April 7, 2014

There are other ways

People think that because things are the way they are now they've always been this way and that's the way things ought to be done forever.  But that's not true, especially when it comes to the disaster capitalism they've inflicted on us ever since the Reagan years.

Things can be different.  Capitalism doesn't need need to be predatory.  Here's two examples of modern capitalism that show us a better way:

  • Newman's Own.  Every penny of profit that Newman's Own products generate goes to charity, not to the pockets of investment bankers or Wall Street douchebags.  They've given away millions of dollars to charities.  MILLIONS. And you know what, people still buy their products knowing that all the profits from them will be given away.  I buy their salad dressing, their pasta sauces, their cookies, and other of their products as well.  I buy them even though most of the time they are higher priced than comparable products made by for profit companies.  I buy them because I want the profits from my purchase to be used to help others, not to enrich entitled white people.
  • Rick Steves.  Mr. Steves is a travel writer and tour operator.  He produces a TV for PBS about his travels in Europe and gives those shows to PBS AT NO CHARGE.  He's said time and again that he makes enough money off the sale of his travel guides and tours that he operates to be able to give those shows away.  He doesn't need to make more money off his work, so he gives those shows to PBS stations to run free of any fees which means they can run them when and how ever many times they like.  Yes, in a sense it's free advertising for Mr. Steves business but that's beside the point.  The point is he's secure enough in his business model and business life to be able to give away free product that benefits a lot of people, especially the mom and pop owned businesses that he features in his travel shows.
There are other businesses and individuals out there who are changing the face and nature of capitalism.  We need many more to do the same if we're going to survive the rule of corporations and oligarchs. 

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gmb said...

Add in entrepreneurs who refuse to move to tax haven states to avoid tax. Not here, by James Dyson, the vacuum cleaner inventor, and JK Rowling both refuse to do that and pay a lot of tax. Both said that they got the benefit of a good education and support fromt he government and believe they should return the favor (more or less). That said, much of Wall Street is a thug's game, with them gaming the system by buying the watchdogs. Blowback had better be awesome.