Monday, April 21, 2014

It's time for another episode of: Where are they now?

 Those kids who used to make fun of you in the cafeteria are now making fun of you in the privacy of their own trailer park.
 That doll that haunted your dreams and gave you nightmares as a child is stealing children's souls and shitting out burnt pennies.

 Eli Whitney is roasting in hell when not getting anally raped by hoary hosts of Azaroth the Blighted One.
 The Mormon Tabernacle Fisting Nurses are still looking for you.

 The lesbians you made fun of in college are having fantastic mind-blowing tantric sex.

 Your old school bus driver is hopped up on Meth and battling the spiders who he thinks are trying to eat their way into his skin.

 All the cheerleaders you wanted to ask out are now fat, unhappy, and wishing that you had asked them out.

The Chinese women you sold in to sex slavery are plotting to have you killed.

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