Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy huh

Sibling Day, yeah. 

I have one sibling left. We never got along and when there was reconciliation it was always due to me. The last time I tried to reconcile with him he told me he wanted to travel, I told him to travel south, he lives in Michigan, to see me and I'd show him some sights and we'd catch up. He said he wanted to travel to Europe and Africa and he did, after embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from his last employer. He never did come to see me but he did see the inside of a jail cell after he got back from his international travels. The police took him away in handcuffs when he got back to the USA. So he'd rather commit felonies, steal tens of thousands of dollars, and do prison time than see or spend time with me. 

And that in a nutshell is why I don't get along with my only living sibling, he's a douchebag, a felony committing douchebag.  

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gmb said...

The woman who founded sibling day worked as a paralegal at a firm I was at a while back. As I recall, most people thought she was a nut.

Sorry about the douchebag sibling.