Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I've been watching

I watched all five series of this sci fi show and I'm surprised at how much I miss it now that I'm done with it.  The premise is a storm hits London and somehow it endows some with superpowers and it causes others to become what they truly were inside.

Like most all great series that originate in Britain each series is only 6 to 8 episodes long and usually, the cast changes from series to series, especially so after series 2 in the case of this show.  At first I found some of the changes to be off-putting but eventually I grew to like all the main characters.

This show is funny, exciting, suspenseful, and fun.  It's also chock full of beautiful young women, which is always a plus for me.  It's currently airing on HuluPLUS and on DVD.

I'm not ashamed to say this creepy little limited series about the goings on in a creepy WW2 English orphanage made me choke up a little.  I hate to see kids mistreated, even if it's a fictional story.  And of course I always identify strongly with the kids who are being abused and bullied because I was mistreated and bullied growing up.  This one is suspenseful and enjoyable if you like supernatural shows.  I liked it.  It's on HuluPLUS.

Sugartown is another in the long line of shows about how a scrappy bunch of quirky oddballs save a small English town from greedy developers.  It's quirky and fun but you can see everything coming a mile away.  It's on HuluPLUS.

Bob Guccione was the sleazy flip side to Hugh Hefner.  He made a fortune off his porn magazine Penthouse and he in turn lost most every penny he made because he was stubborn, pig headed, and thought he was smarter than everyone else.  Yes, he made money off sex, but most all his employees were women who were devoted to him.  Yes, he sold porn and made money off the sexuality of others but he also used his publishing platform to push science literacy, fine art, and other issues that benefited mankind.  I know many people today, both men and women, have problems with and hate porn but back in the '70's, Guccione was one o the people who helped bring us to where we are today, we're better off because he did what he did both for the sexual side of things and also for the first amendment cases he helped along.  At one time he thought he'd live forever but in the end, he died nearly penniless and a pariah.  His life was quite a ride and this film tells his story in an eye opening non prurient way, although there is a fair bit of nudity in it.  This documentary is on Netflix.

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