Saturday, February 15, 2014

More chilly scenes of winter

We got about a foot of snow the other day.  And yes, we know how to drive in it.  The people who fuck up on the roads here during a winter storm are the out of towners, mostly from the Midwest, who insist they know how to drive in snow.  Maybe they do know how to drive where everything is flat but they sure as hell don't know shit about driving on snowy hills and mountains.

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Nan said...

The impression I get around here is that those who do not know how to drive in snow or on ice are usually behind the steering wheel of an SUV. Seems like it's always the supersized 4WDs that I see decorating the snowbanks and ditches. Apparently there's nothing quite like getting into an Escalade to make a person believe the usual laws of physics no longer apply.