Sunday, February 9, 2014

Giraffes and idiots

The problem isn't that the Copenhagen Zoo fed a dead giraffe to it's lions.  The problem is it killed it's young giraffe in the first place.

The zoo claimed it murdered this beautiful animal to stop inbreeding among it's giraffe population.  The problem with that is why the fuck didn't they release this animal back into the wild or give/sell him to another zoo or wild life park?  I have no problem with the fact that lions ate this animal, lions do that in the wild, they 're predators, they eat other animals.  I have a huge problem with assholes who run zoos deciding that animals need to die because it's the convenient thing to do.

Anymore I am of the opinion that any zoo that keeps a large animal penned in is a fucking awful place that's run by awful human beings.  It should be a crime to lock up animals just so humans can gawk at them.  Technology has advanced to the point where we can put multiple cameras in the wild and watch animals, we don't need to keep them in prisons any more.

Fuck zoos, and fuck the one in Copenhagen most of all.

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gmb said...

I always hated zoos. The animals never looked happy and it smelled like many varieties of shit. That said, At least the monkeys got to fling poo or masturbate in front of the kiddies from time to time. Otherwise, set them free.