Friday, February 28, 2014

Brutally honest product reviews

 I love the two varieties of this Mexican import beer that I've tried so far.  I've had the Hefeweizen and the Porter.  Both are tasty and the art on the bottles and six pack carrier is lovely.

 Avoid this shitty beer at all costs unless you like over carbonated pisswater that tastes like grapefruit.  It's fucking awful.

 I finally went to a Trader Joe's and I discovered the joy of their private label beers, well at lest this one anyway.  It's a good steady beer with great taste and a great finish.  I'll be buying more of this soon.
Dreaming Cow?  More like a fucking bovine's nightmare.  This is some shitty watery tasting yogurt.  The flavors are weak and it's way over priced.  Avoid.  Avoid. Avoid.


Brewella Deville said...

I believe Gordon Biersch brews the TJ's Bohemian Lager, a good solid brewery. Firestone Walker, a great brewery, also does their Mission Street line. I trust their TJ's brands more than some other breweries' "name brand" stuff there. A few years ago it seemed as if Anderson Valley used TJ's as a dumping ground for their off batches.

gmb said...

Re: Dreamy Cow….beware of products that spend a lot on packaging. thanks for the reviews.