Saturday, January 11, 2014

Victims of the cold-pocalypse

We made it through the polar vortex pretty much unscathed, but some of our plumbing didn't.  That piece of ruptured copper pipe went to a sink and toilet in our basement, it had been exposed to the cold for years and this past bitter cold snap finally did it in.  I was able to shut the water off coming into our house and one of our regular plumbers came the next day to replace all the copper piping with modern plastic pipe so we won't have to worry about it much any more.  It didn't cost us an arm and a leg and our water never froze, which was a good thing.  Many had it much worse than we did.


Nan said...

Plastic pipe freezes, too. It's just not as expensive to replace. If the plumber used PEX, it will make it through a few freezes without bursting, but eventually the freeze-thaw cycle will lead to tearing.

gmb said...

Glad you made it through with relatively little worry.