Thursday, January 9, 2014

This week in douchebaggery

  • Fox News bubblehead Gretchen Carlson, former Miss America and current Miss Idiot, thinks atheists are behind the Satanist monument flap in Oklahoma.  According to her logic we don't believe in the god they made up but we do believe in the devil they made up.  Riiiiiiiiight. Makes sense.  NOT.
  • Utah Governor Hatred McHatepants says he's invalidating all same sex marriages that took place in his state before the SCOTUS stopped marriage equality.  I'll bet he's going to let all those counties keep all the fees that they charged same sex couples for marriage licenses because we all know people like him hate the gays but they love to take their money.
  • It's only Thursday and already one Christian minister was arrested for murdering his wife, another had to resign after it came to light that he'd been having multiple affairs, and another claims Obama isn't the Antichrist but he is working for him.  Do these people know they're making more atheists every time they open their mouths or commit yet another hypocrisy?
  • Jenny McCarthy's kid doesn't have autism.  Has she apologized yet for all the people who fell for her anti vaccine bullshit?  No?  Yeah, I'm not surprised.  Let's all shit in a box and mail it to her care of The View.
  • Robert Gates, former Sec. of Defense and former human being, has written a tell all book about his days in the Obama cabinet.  I'll never read it because I don't read neo con fiction but evidently others will, and they're the same people who believe that James Carvill is a Democrat and that Obama is a gay socialist Muslim.
  • The lone bright spot in this past week was the fact that serial liars and cheaters Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds didn't make it into the baseball hall of fame.  I hope they never ever get in.  If Shoeless Joe isn't allowed in, they neither should they be.  And fuck Pete Rose too.  Fuck him with Sparky Anderson's dead dusty dick.


Nan said...

The Utah governor is yet another example of the stupid running ever deeper among the rightwing nutjobs. His actions are going to generate litigation that's going to cost the state money and in the end Utah will lose. The cultural tide has turned, but the Reptile people haven't figured that out yet (or, if they have, they refuse to acknowledge it). Conservatives have a knack for always being on the wrong side of history.

intelliwench said...

That last line is downright poetic, Dr.

Professor Chaos said...

God damn it,I hate Jenny fucking McCarthy and every other anti-vaccine idiot. Whooping cough is making a huge comeback thanks to these stupid assholes and the idiots who believe them.

gmb said...

I feel sorry for the kids, but if it was possible that the anti-vaccine idiots could contract whooping cough instead…..