Thursday, January 30, 2014

Something rotten at my old college

Greg Jordan, the current president of my old college, King University in Bristol, TN, has lost all respect of most of the faculty and a substantial number of students.  He runs King like it's his personal fiefdom and anyone who disagrees with him is automatically suspected of trying to overthrow him and his poisonous vision.  He's selling out the school for 30 pieces of silver, liberal arts be damned Jordan wants King to be nothing more than a high priced vocational school staffed with instructors who are loyal only to him, not to the truth or academia.

I first met him when I was a student there from 1980 to 1985.  He was a slimy character then and he's still that way now.  The last time I saw him he smiled at me while saying something condescending, it was then I decided I'd never set foot on that campus while he was in charge.  He's even worse now that he's got a little power that he lords over others like a bad 1970's CIA installed banana republic dictator.  He hides behind his bible and religion, like all tyrants do.

He's given himself and his top lieutenants substantial raises, he personally has gotten raises totaling nearly $70,000 in the past three years, while he slashes faculty jobs and tries to get rid of those who disagree with him.  He's chased the almighty dollar and shoved many of them in his greasy graft lined pockets.  He's pushed out qualified dedicated instructors while at the same time he's pushed his wheelbarrow full of cash to the bank so he can deposit his ill gotten salary.

He's got to go.  He's poison on two legs.  He's a cancer that needs to be cut out so King can live.

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