Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For years electric companies have resisted renewable energy.  They scoff at solar, they piss all over wind, and they insist on burning things to power our homes.  And for years they insisted we buy heat pumps because they were so 'energy efficient.'  They wanted all our business and they practically demanded that we use nothing but electric appliances and heating systems.

Well now when it's bitterly cold, guess what?  They, my local power company anyway, want us to curtail use of electric heat, space heaters, electric water heaters, and lights in order to conserve energy.  Well you know what?  I say fuck them.

Temps have not gotten out of the single digits today, but I'm not about to turn off the already energy efficient space heaters we use to supplement our nearly useless in the winter time heat pump.  I'm not going to turn off my hot water heater, and I'm not going to turn off any lights.  Fuck that.  I pay for it, I'm going to use it.

Has my, or yours for that matter, power company erected solar panels on any property they own?  Do they put that power into the grid when we need it?  Do they make it easy to sell your power back into the grid if you're lucky enough to already have solar panels?  No.  No they do not.  I have an idea on how we can conserve energy, how about we force all big box retailers, publicly owned schools and universities, and houses of worship to put solar panels on their roofs and that power goes into the grid.  How about we sell off the plush headquarters my local power company occupies and we make them move into energy efficient spaces.

We don't go out of our way to use super human amounts of energy at our house but our place is old and drafty.  If the power company wants to kick in and buy us new windows or insulate our attic better, then they're free to do so.  Until then we'll keep our thermostat around 65 in the winter and around 72 in the summer and when the electric company starts to lead by example, then they can go fuck themselves.


gmb said...

In Arizona the monster behind ALEC got the "government" to enforce a requirement that people who go off the grid have to pay a monthly fee to the power company because they cause disruption or something. Monsters. Bring back pikes!

Ken Garrett said...

The fkg joke is the power companies and the Govt tells us to conserve energy. Fine so we do and of course they still continue to enforce horrendous price hikes that literally kill our vulnerable older citizens, who often have to choose to spend their inflation ravaged pensions on either food or heat. Their income from consumers should fall because we use less but of course they still want to keep their outrageous profit margins so they use every shyster excuse under the sun to fleece us.