Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mini movie reviews

A swimming pool is no  place to hold a whale, especially if it's one where you 'train' a whale to do tricks to amuse human beings.  Sea World is a terrible awful place that needs to be shunned and shut down.  This film tells the story behind some gruesome deaths that occurred in water parks because these magnificent whales had finally had enough.  Sea World and other parks insist on imprisoning these whales and because of that more deaths are going to happen.  I highly recommend this film and I recommend you stay the fuck away from Sea World.
This film is a bleak dark comedy about two oddballs who hook up and let their serial killer sides out.  It's not for the squeamish, it's not very bloody or violent, it's just oddly disturbing.  I found it funny and recommend it.

Really fun creatures from outer space attack earthlings film.  The twist is the aliens land in the ocean near an island in Ireland that's inhabited by a bunch of locals who love to get their drunk on.  This one is lots of fun, it's exciting, and laugh out loud funny.
I saw this one when it first came out and it's even more over the top with a little age on it.  When a prehistoric horror is brought back to life in a tiny British village. life is upended for a few choice locals.  You'll recognize most everyone in this film, most of them went on to do bigger and less cheesy roles, but this one is a lot of late 1980's fun.
I usually love Martina Gedeck and most modern German cinema is very good too but...this film is a load of pretentious twaddle.  I fucking hated it.  Maybe I missed the symbolism, maybe I didn't.  Either way, avoid it.

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