Friday, December 20, 2013

Free speech

So a backwards backwoods asshole says hateful things about gays and racist shit about how happy blacks folks were under Jim Crow and when he gets put off his TV for it conservatives cry that his right to free speech was violated?  Where were they when:

  • the Dixie Chicks got booted off radio for saying they were ashamed the war criminal Bush was from Texas?
  • ABC kicked Bill Maher off their airwaves?
  • when Helen Thomas got crucified for talking about the Israeli led Palestinian genocide?
  • when some people get picked on for saying 'Happy holidays' instead of 'merry Christmas'?
  • when some were calling for the firing of Martin Bashir after he said someone should shit in Quitter Palin's mouth?
Your right to say anything you want doesn't apply to private business.  Oh, you can still say what you like, but if your employers doesn't like it, then your ass is gone.  The first amendment says the government can't take away your free speech, it's doesn't say a damn thing about private business.


Mnmom said...

I'm so sick of these bloviated right wing hypocrites. Evolution can't take care of them fast enough.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Bryan Fischer pointed out what the vast majority of conservative believe, the 1st amendment (and the constitution) apply only to right-wing christians, not everyone else.

Republicans don't believe in Personal Responsibility. Conservatives believe in Right-Wing Supremacy.

gmb said...

Who watches this shit anyhow? I trust you for tv reviews, but this reality crap is crap. Hope the whole genre dies soon.