Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I'm watching

Nothing much happens in this sweet little show about the goings on at a cafe in a seaside British town.  People come and go and they interact and go about their lives, yeah, I know, it sounds boring but it's really cute and sweetly humorous.  We watched the first series on HuluPLUS and are currently catching the second on KPBS Presents on the Roku PBS channel.

I confess, I'd watch James Corden in about anything.  I find him to be funny and he's got an every-man quality that I really empathize with, although I will say I fucking hated History Boys.  This series is about two ordinary blokes who get drawn into international intrigue and sexual and financial shenanigans when one of them picks up a cell phone that fell out of a car after a nasty wreck.  It's all very good and well done.  And Croden and Matthew Baynton and both excellent in it.

I'm catching this show on Netflix and it took me a few episodes to get into the rhythm of it.  But now, midway through the third season, it's funny as hell.  I love Katie Aselton and the guy who plays her brother in law.  And the character of Rafi is pure fun.
I'm also watching this show on Netflix, I'm two episodes in and it's pretty good.  I'm hoping it gets better because there's so much there to work with.  A cop who works for a fascist corporate state in the future goes back in time accidentally with a bunch criminals.  Will they get back to the future?  Will she catch them in the past?  So many questions.  My only problem with this show is the bland lead.  She's pretty, but she's pretty dull too.
I watched the first episode of this BBC import the other night.  It's about a man and a woman in their mid 30's who hook up one night and how they deal with the consequences of their having had sex with one another.  The first episode was painfully funny and to be honest, I'd watch Sharon Horgan in anything.  She's cute and funny as hell.
I quite like this police procedural that's playing now on HuluPLUS.  As you can tell from the publicity photo, it's a female centered cop show and that's where it's strength lies.  I really like the two leads and the messy back-stories they've concocted for them. Sometimes the episode is more about their lives than the crime du jour.

I am over the moon about this Australian import that's currently running on Netflix.  Essie Davis is strikingly gorgeous in her role as the self confident and wildly sexy Miss Fisher, a semi private detective in 1920's Australia.  It's hard to notice anything else when she's onscreen, and thankfully, she's on screen most of the time.  The show is well written, well acted, and well produced.  And I love the fact that Miss Fisher doesn't hide the fact that she likes having sex.

I watched a couple episodes each of UFO and Space 1999, a pair of sci fi TV shows from my youth in the early 1970's, that are currently running on HuluPLUS, but I had to bail on them both.  They were so bad that I wanted to punch everyone involved with making them.  If you're into nostalgia for cheesy sci fi from the 1970's then these shows are for you, but for me, there's too many other TV shows and films on Netfilx and HuluPLUS that are way better than these two.


phairhead said...

re: the brother-in-law on The League. That's Jon LaJoie, Canadian singing comedian and he's fucking hilarious!

Going to have to check out The Cafe, thanks for the rec :D

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Just two days ago, the hubby asked what Monkey Muck was watching. We just finished up Broadchurch on Netflix. Need a new obsession.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

Broadchurch isn't on Netflix streaming. You must have gotten the DVD's.

Brewella Deville said...

There's more than one brother-in-law on the show, and Rafi, or more specifically Bro-lo El Cunado, is most definitely Jason Mantzoukas. Hilarious. Check him out on the Comedy Death Ray podcasts. The episodes featuring him and Andy Daly, or any of the Jessica St. Clair/Marissa Wompler episodes, are pure gold.

Dr. MVM said...

I'm sure you missed the sentence where I mentioned the other brother in law Brewella. Go back and look again.