Monday, November 11, 2013

STFU NFL players

Shut the fuck up Richie Incognito.  Stop trying to defend your bullying behavior of Jonathon Martin by saying he sent you threatening texts while you wee doing the same to him.  Just shut the fuck up.  The bottom line is they told you to bully your teammate to 'toughen' him up and you went too far.  Admit it, apologize, and then shut the fuck up.  Just because most male sports locker rooms are full of misogyny, homophobia, and racism that doesn't make any of it right and it doesn't excuse anyone's behavior if you were 'just going along with it.'  Fuck you.

Be a decent human being and end it.  There are plenty of ways to motivate your fellow players without calling them a nigger, or a pussy, or a fag, or a whatever.  In fact, if you're being paid big money to play a game, then that game is your fucking job and the money should be motivation enough.  So if you somehow think that you need to heap abuse on others to get them to a place where you think they need to be, then there is something wrong with you, not them.  So really, just shut the fuck up or admit you're a hateful asshole and run with that.

This episode and the concussion crisis has made me hate the NFL.  All of you overpaid assholes need to shut the fuck up and leave the rest of us alone.  Seriously.

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gmb said...

I second that. Christ, fucking football is almost bigger than christianity. Maybe bigger. Christians don't have scantily clad cheerleaders in the churches, do they?