Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jell-O's dark secret

Negroes love Jell-O.  It's a little known fact.

"It's true, we all love Jell-O," says Tyrone McToken.  "And we only love Jell-O brand gelatin.  Don't come at us with some cheap imitation or some bitch ass Knox gelatin."

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Danninger love Jell-O so much they used it in all the dishes at their wedding dinner.

 Many white people often prepare an abundance of Jell-O related dishes just in case some Negro friends drop by. 

 "We'd never dream of going to a dinner party at our Negro friend's houses without an attractive Jell-O dish to share.  We're pretty sure they'd bust a cap in our asses if we didn't," say Henry and June Hansen.

"As you know we white folks do whatever we can to make our Negro friends and neighbors happy and content, so in that spirit I'm teaching my son how to make a decorative Jell-O dessert.  We've got to keep those Negroes pacified one way or another don't we?"