Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I'm reading

I've just finished two novels by James Thompson.  They're from his 'Inspector Vaara' series.  Vaara is a cop in Finland who is married to an American woman.  These novels are very atmospheric and they introduce you to the seamier side of Finnish life. 

I quite enjoyed both of them, they're quick reads that are packed with action and all sorts of shenanigans.  I messed up by reading the last one in the series first, and now I'm going back and reading the others in order. 

They're not usual run of the mill mysteries or police procedurals, they're a little off kilter and very readable.  Thompson, a Kentucky native who's lived in Finland for some times now, really scores with these series of books.  I highly recommend them.

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Margaret Benbow said...

Thanks for the tip. It's fun to collect good new mysteries for the winter like a squirrel hoards chestnuts...